SolarHub Partners with Sanden as Heat Pump Dealer on the South Coast

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SolarHub is proud to announce its partnership with Sanden, bringing the innovative Sanden Eco Plus heat pump to their hot water solutions product range. This collaboration strengthens SolarHub’s commitment to delivering high-performance, eco-friendly options to customers on the South Coast of New South Wales.

The Sanden Eco Plus heat pump has gained recognition for its exceptional performance, even in cold conditions, and is backed by solid warranties on both the tank and compressor. Luke Dalla, SolarHub Regional Manager for the South Coast, expressed his excitement about the new product, stating, “Part of the appeal of this heat pump is its outstanding performance in challenging climates. We are confident that the Sanden Eco Plus will provide reliable hot water solutions for our customers’ homes.”

SolarHub, operating on the South Coast for over five years, has been at the forefront of the renewable energy industry, empowering residents with solar solutions. Now, they are expanding their services to offer comprehensive electrification options beyond solar panels and energy storage. Benn Masters, CEO of SolarHub, emphasises the importance of fully embracing electrification, stating, “To truly decarbonise our economy, we need to shift away from gas. By offering electrification solutions for hot water, space conditioning, EV charging, and cooktops, SolarHub aims to provide South Coast residents with a fully sustainable package for their electrification needs.”

In selecting Sanden as their heat pump partner, SolarHub ensures the highest quality products and services for their customers. Sanden is renowned in the Australian market for their reliable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable heat pump solutions. Masters adds, “When installing our systems, we always consider the long-term perspective. We want to offer our customers energy systems they can rely on for years to come, and the Sanden Eco Plus heat pump aligns perfectly with our commitment to reliability.”

As SolarHub expands its product range to include the Sanden Eco Plus heat pump, customers can expect the same expertise, professionalism, and industry-leading products that have made SolarHub a trusted name in the renewable energy sector.

Sanden is a leading manufacturer of innovative and energy-efficient heat pump solutions in Australia, known for their commitment to sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer service. With a long-standing history as an innovative manufacturer, this year Sanden proudly celebrates their 45th anniversary in Australia and 80th anniversary globally. These significant milestones set Sanden apart and emphasise their unmatched expertise and experience in manufacturing heat pumps.

“We are excited about our collaboration with SolarHub on the South Coast,” says Stephen van de Merwe, Technical & Key Account Manager at Sanden. “Together, we aim to provide residents with top-of-the-line heat pump solutions that contribute to their energy efficiency goals while reducing their carbon footprint.”

SolarHub continues to revolutionise the renewable energy landscape, and their partnership with Sanden further solidifies their position as a provider of reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

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