SolarHub partners with ANU to deliver PV simulation project

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An applied research and development project established by the Australian National University (ANU) in 2016 to manage the rising challenges for distribution networks from the high penetration of solar PV systems in Australia, is set to end on June 30, 2019.

The project, entitled ‘The Real-time Operational Distributed PV Simulations for Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSP)’ is focused on issues such as voltage regulation and demand forecasting in Australian distribution networks. Primarily funded through The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), SolarHub joined as an industry partner, contributing funds to the research project.

“SolarHub are proud to have been able to contribute to such an innovative project. We pride ourselves on being technology leaders and see this project as a fundamental part of ensuring the integrity of distribution networks as Solar PV penetration increases.” commented Benn Masters, SolarHub CEO.

Working with eleven of Australia’s distribution networks and solar forecasting and data company Solcast, ANU has developed and deployed an operational rooftop solar modelling system. Solcast allows its customers to access comprehensive information regarding their rooftop and utility scale solar systems, including forecast, live, recent, and  historical solar data.

The project has allowed the distribution networks to better understand the effect of rooftop solar PV systems on the network, and target specific areas of the network for further development. It has also resulted in the opportunity for additional solar PV systems to be installed in areas of existing high solar PV penetration.

“Integrating high penetrations of rooftop solar systems into Australian electricity networks is quite a big challenge.” Commented Dr Engerer, from the ANU project team.

“With applied research projects like this one, sponsored by SolarHub and ARENA, we can combine the expertise of research with industry partners to solve them.”

By combining the technology with energy storage systems, demand management and ‘smart’ inverters, there is an opportunity to reach even higher levels of penetration of rooftop solar in the Australian distribution networks. Resulting in an even greater visibility and understanding of the current market whilst assisting in the network’s stability.

SolarHub remain committed to supporting innovative research and development projects that support the solar industry and look forward to seeing the application of this technology in the market.

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