SolarHub named Tesla Powerwall Premium Installer 2021

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In May 2021, SolarHub was selected by Tesla to become a Powerwall Premium Installer for the ACT region.

“We try to take the long view in our operations and building long-term partnerships with suppliers like Tesla is part of this strategy” says Benn Masters, CEO of SolarHub. “Tesla has done so much to democratise residential batteries in the last five years, and we are glad to work with them on accelerating the transition to sustainable energy”.

Tesla selects Powerwall Premium Installers based on the following criteria:

  • Exceptional installation quality
  • Deep product knowledge and understanding
  • Distinguished customer experience
  • Longevity of relationship
  • Onboard with Tesla’s mission

SolarHub started installing Powerwall batteries back in 2016. Since then, we have designed and installed hundreds of systems with this product. “It’s no secret that we love the Powerwall”, says SolarHub Chief Operating Officer, Ben Barton. “Tesla is a pioneer in the residential battery market, and our customers enjoy the Powerwall for its large storage capacity and power. For SolarHub, the Powerwall is an easy product to install, either on a retrofit or on a new installation, and we highly appreciate the level of support Tesla offered throughout the years. This is always an important factor for us when selecting products and suppliers.”

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