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Quality solar generates more power for years

Choosing premium quality panels from a renowned manufacturer like LG has multiple benefits.

By investing in panels like the MonoX Plus or the NeON H, you receive an extended product warranty,  better performance and a long lasting trouble free system.

The LG Mono X Plus panel uses a half-cut P-Type cell with 15 years product warranty. This panel offers an excellent compromise between price and performance, without sacrificing anything on quality and durability.

The LG NeON H panel uses a half-cut double-sided N-Type cell with 25 years product warranty. This type of solar cell will last even longer and produce more power when you need it the most, such as in low light and high temperature conditions.

LG MonoX Plus & LG NeON H compared

Feature LG MonoX Plus LG NeON H More info
Product warranty 15 years 25 years A standard product warranty for solar panels is 10 years. The longer the product warranty, the more return on investment you can expect. On a standard system in Canberra, the additional 10 year product warranty on NeON H can provide an extra $16,000 in warranted savings, compared to Mono X Plus.
Panel efficiency 19.8% 20.8% Higher panel efficiency means more electricity per square meter of the roof.
Panel wattage 370W 380W The MonoX Plus is a slightly bigger panel, meaning the NeON H is more efficient while using less space on your roof.
Cell type Mono-Crystalline, P-type Mono-Crystalline, N-type P-Type Mono-Crystalline is the common standard.

N-type Mono-Crystalline is the more light sensitive and higher efficient technology.

Cell technology Half cut


double sided N-type
Cello technology in NeON H panel absorbs light from the rear of the panel via double sided cells.
1st year production loss due to aging 2.5% leaving 97.5% after 12 months 1.5% leaving 98.5% after 12 months Degradation of solar panels means the panel loses generation capacity over time. Lower degradation means more electricity generation by the system in future years.
Degradation each year after year one – to year 25 0.40% per year 0.33% per year Over 25 years, different panels degrade at different rates. The less degradation, the more warranted production you get during the lifespan of the panel.
Panel degradation after 10 years and 25 years 93.9% – 10 years

87.9% – 25 years

95.53% – 10 years

90.58% – 25 years

After 25 years, the LG NeON H panel offers an impressive 90.58% warranted performance. This means that after 25 years, the panel should lose less than 10% of its initial production capacity.
Temperature coefficient -0.36% -0.33% Solar panels don’t cope well with heat as they lose efficiency in higher temperatures. LG panels are performing better in hotter conditions, compared to standard panels. The lower the temperature coefficient number, the better.
Weight and dimensions (mm) 19kg

1776 x 1052 x 40


1768 x 1042 x 40

The smaller the panel, the more you can fit on your roof. A lighter panel will also put less strain on the roof structure.


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