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How solar works

  1. Solar PV panels convert the sun’s radiation into DC electricity
  2. An inverter then converts this DC electricity into useable AC electricity to feed into the house
  3. The smart meter measures energy used and any excess created
  4. The excess energy is sent back to the grid
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A bright choice

With solar panels and an inverter, you can capture the sun’s energy and convert it into usable electricity for your home or business.

If you add battery storage to your system, you can store excess energy generated during the day and use it at night or during bad weather. Plus, many energy retailers will buy the energy that you don’t use from you and channel it back into the grid.

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Get a solar system that’s right for you

At SolarHub, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to solar.

We will carefully assess your energy bill, your roof, your expectations and your budget to make sure we design a system that’s perfectly suited to your specific needs.

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Solar, now even smarter

With SolarHub’s energy optimisation technology, you’ll get a better understanding of how you use electricity so that you can adapt and use your energy more effectively.

This will enable you to reduce your electricity bills and make you less reliant on the energy grid.

Solar energy products

After many years in the industry, we know the best brands and companies to work with. We have carefully selected the finest, most reliable products to offer our customers.

Speak with a solar expert

Arrange a time to discuss your options with one of our solar specialists. They will be able to design a system that best suits your needs.

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