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Trina Solar

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is now amongst the largest solar panels manufacturers on the planet, with more than 70 GW of solar modules delivered worldwide.

Trina Solar has more than 15,000 employees and regional offices in more than 20 countries, including Australia. A fast-growing business with a strong R&D department, Trina Solar offers novel technologies in their Vertex range, and delivers a highly efficient panel at a competitive price.

Product Information

Using large 210mm silicon waffers and multi bus-bar technology, the Vertex S range pushes the boundaries of power and efficiency by reaching a rated output of 400W.

The new Vertex S panel offers strong performance at an affordable price. Notably, with a panel efficiency of 21.1% and a low temperature coefficient (-0.33%), the Vertex S is a compact panel with excellent performance in high heat.

Utility-level technology in a residential panel

With Vertex S, Trina Solar uses their utility-scale panel technology in a more compact version for residential usage.

Higher power and efficiency

Vertex technology brings outstanding panel efficiency, which translates into more energy production for the same space on your roof. With 21.1% efficiency, this panels offer extensive power without breaking the bank.

Large cells

By increasing the size of the silicon waffer cells, Trina Solar panels increases panel efficiency while reducing costs.

High density interconnection

By flattening cell connection areas of welding tape, the cell spacing is reduced to 0.5mm to optimize power output and efficiency.

Excellent temperature coefficient

Solar panels perform better in lower temperature. The Vertex S boasts an impressive -0.33% temperature coefficient, which rivals with the performance of premium solar panels.

Good performance and product warranty

15 years product warranty and 25 years (84.8%) performance warranty.

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