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Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Wall Connector is an efficient and convenient home charging solution that lets you plug your Tesla vehicle in overnight and start your day fully charged.

Product Information

With up to 71km of range added per hour of charging, multiple power settings, and a versatile indoor/outdoor design, Wall Connector provides unparalleled convenience.

Available in 5.5 meter or 7.3 meter cable lengths.

Third Generation

The latest Wall Connector from Tesla.

Made for your Tesla vehicle

Compatible with Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y.

Powerfull and ready for all homes

32 amp maximum output and compatible with single phase and three phase homes.

Integrated solution

Connect your Tesla EV charger to your Tesla app to control and monitor the state of charge of your car. Charge your EV from your solar panels, from the grid or from your Tesla Powerwall.

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