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SunPower Reserve

Experience energy independence with SunPower Reserve, a sleek, simple, and affordable solar and battery solution for your home.

Combining a 5kW inverter with a 10.1kWh battery (9.6kWh usable energy), this state of the art system offers empowerment with significant reduction on power bills, backup power, and an easy to use application.

For a limited time, SolarHub is providing an Introductory Offer on the SunPower Reserve.

Product Information

Harness the power of solar energy with the SunPower Reserve. This advanced system is designed for seamless integration into your home. It’s not just about energy storage; it’s about smart energy management. With the innovative SunPower One App, gain insightful control over your energy usage, track savings in real time, and optimise your power consumption. SunPower Reserve brings together efficiency, convenience, and sustainability, ensuring you’re equipped for a future of renewable energy, while enjoying immediate benefits like reduced electricity costs grid independence.

AC energy 10.1kWh
Power 7kW peak/ 5kW continuous battery power
Compatibility Single or three phase
Depth of discharge 95%
Dimensions H 1226mm W 610mm D 212mm
Weight 110kg approx
Warranty 10 years