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Founded in 1997 and having the Sungrow Australian Office being established in Sydney since 2012, the Sungrow Australia team has stamped itself as a great inverter manufacturer with reliable local support.

Their residential string inverter models come in both single and three phase supply, with emphasis on added safety benefits including surge protection coupled with a 10-year warranty, greater flexibility in panel placements, all of this at an affordable price-point.

Product Information

The Sungrow string inverter provides customers with an affordable yet reliable solution for Australian households. With a compact design, some of their inverters have three MPPT, allowing more flexibility in system design.

AC power output from 3kW to 10kW, single phase and three phase
Maximum inverter efficiency 97.9%
Battery compatibility AC coupled
Dimensions H 270mm W 410mm D 150mm
Weight 10kg
Warranty 10-year

Flexibility in Panel Configuration

The Sungrow Inverter provides system design adaptability, with certain models featuring 3 MPPT instead of the standard two.


Offering exceptional value, the Sungrow inverter is a smart choice for those who appreciate excellent performance without compromising on budget.

More Safety

With built-in surge protection and an integrated arc fault circuit interrupter for added safety benefits, this inverter provides peace of mind to homeowners.

Intuitive energy monitoring

With a simple interface, you can track your solar production, as well as your home consumption, 24 hours a day (additional firmware required for energy monitoring).

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