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Sanden Eco Plus Heat Pump

A hot water heat pump efficiently utilises renewable energy to provide reliable and cost-effective heating for your home’s water supply, reducing both your carbon footprint and utility expenses.

The Sanden Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump is an energy efficient two-piece system that allows the heat pump unit and storage tank to be installed separately, permitting for easy installation and flexibility around location of the components.

Product Information

Sanden is a Japanese company operating for 45 years of operation in Australia, providing customers with highly efficient and reliable solutions for their hot water requirements.

The Sanden Eco Plus is specifically engineered to function effectively across various climates, including the chilly winters of Canberra, where it can operate in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

Energy Efficiency

The most energy efficient hot water heat pump currently on the market, using only 20% of the energy required by a conventional electric storage hot water system, and up to 50% faster heat recovery than currently available hot water heat pumps.

Flexibility in Placement

Due to its lightweight construction and unique two-piece unit style, the Sanden Eco Plus ensures optimal positioning without any impact on its efficiency.

Market Leading Warranty

Experience peace of mind with the market-leading 6-year warranty for the Sanden Eco Plus heat pump, complemented by a 15-year warranty for the stainless-steel storage tank.

Whisper Quiet

Featuring an operating noise level of 37dB, the Sanden Eco Plus ensures that both you and your neighbours’ lifestyles remain unaffected by its operation.


The only currently available hot water heat pump, to employ “ozone friendly” R744 (CO2) refrigerant.

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