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SolarHub is an accredited installer for Reposit Power, a Canberra based company with big ideas around energy optimisation.

Reposit Power have developed a specialised software that understands consumers electricity usage patterns, gathers weather predictions and monitors wholesale market opportunities. Think of it like a brain that ensures that the solar, appliances and storage work together.

For the Smart Distibuted Batteries Project, SolarHub uses Reposit’s ‘Marketplace’ technology and software to build a 6 megawatt Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in NSW.

Product Information

Once solar is installed, SolarHub can install a monitoring meter and the Reposit Power control box which will communicate via an internet connection. This tech works with a large variety of solar and battery systems, and are mounted in the distribution board by simply plugging into the battery, inverter, and meter.

Reposit is then able to learn your energy usage and consumption habits over time, adapting accordingly, and ensuring you get the most out of your system.

Pay for your investment sooner

With the Reposit app, you can keep an eye on your energy usage, get real-time notifications when you’re earning GridCredits™ and find out where else you can save on your home energy usage.

As well as getting a smarter, more intuitive way to control your energy usage, you’ll see some impressive reductions in your energy bill and in the time it takes you to repay your battery costs.


Reposit Power offers its users the ability to trade their excess energy back to the grid when demand is at its highest in exchange for GridCredits™. When the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, energy companies struggle to meet demand and they look to homes with excess energy for help—and they’re willing to pay for it.

Although the price of your electricity may appear fixed, it’s actually anything but. With Reposit, you can take advantage of these fluctuations. When you’re generating too much energy, Reposit will automatically trade the excess for GridCredits™ when the demand is at its highest. Then you can put the credit towards lowering your bill, with every GridCredit™ being a dollar off your bill.

To access GridCredits™ you’ll need to be with an energy company that offers a GridCredits™ plan. To find out which companies offer these plans, contact a SolarHub representative today.

Virtual power plant

The Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is an exciting opportunity for ACT SolarHub smart battery owners. Launched in late 2017, it connects battery owners around ACT, and allows them to sell their stored energy back to the grid when support services are required. By doing so, these battery owners are able to assist in providing more grid stability for the ACT and gain greater financial benefits for their solar installation.

This VPP is one of the largest in Australia and has been developed in response to the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Program, which aims to install 36MW of distributed battery storage in the ACT by 2020. SolarHub has worked closely with energy management company and Reposit Power to facilitate this program.

SolarHub also uses Reposit's technology and software to build a 6MW VPP in New South Wales with the Smart Distributed Batteries Project. This project has received funding support from the NSW Government under the Emerging Energy Program. Under this project, SolarHub is currently offering a point of sale discount to approximately 650 residential and small business customers to encourage battery installation, with customers required to join the VPP to receive the discount.

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