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Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioner

Based in Japan, Panasonic has been producing high quality air conditioning systems for a long time, with their first room air conditioner being sold in 1958.

Their ducted systems are durable and powerful enough for Australia’s winter, while also offering excellent air purification through nanoe™ X technology.

Product Information

With cooling capacity from 10kW to 22.4kW, the Panasonic ducted air conditioner range will keep your home comfortable throughout the seasons and optimal air quality.

Panasonic ducted systems have nanoe™ X technology for air purification. While the general filters in air purifiers are effective against airborne bacteria and viruses, nanoe™ X also works to inhibit longer-living, adhered bacteria and viruses.

5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

Panasonic offers reliable air conditioning systems with local maintenance support in the rare case of an unit failure.

Healthy Air

Using nanoe™ X air purification, your Panasonic ducted air conditioner cleans your whole home ambient air by inhibiting bacteria and viruses through the release of naturally occuring hydroxyl radicals.

Reduced Cold Drafts during Winter

During heating mode Panasonic Premium Inverter ducted air conditioners employ clever sensor technology that allows airflow to enter the room when it has been warmed.

Precise Temperature Control

Keep your home temperature constantly comfortable with Panasonic Premium Inverter technology, offering a wider output range to perform well even in high temperature.

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