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LG Solar – NeON R

With more than 50 years of experience in the technology space, LG Solar is a world leader in solar panel manufacturing.

Their latest panels are excellent examples of superior workmanship and testament to the research they have been able to perform over the years.

The LG NeON R 435W is our most efficient and powerful solar panel. With its “30 multi-ribbon busbar technology”, the NeON R panel does not have any busbar at the front of the cells. This provides better performance, and also a neat and uniform look to this solar panel.

Product Information

The superior performing LG panels are ideal for customers seeking visually pleasing solar panels, when the roof space is limited or when future system expansions are considered.

If you are looking for the best panel LG Solar can offer, the NeON R is the solution. With its 22.1% efficiency, 25 years full product warranty, and 92.5% linear performance warranty after 25 years, this panel will offer outstanding performance for a very long time.

A warranty that matters

LG Electronics Australia has been operating in Australia for over 30 years employing over 300 staff and is the warrantor in Australia and NZ for your solar modules. This institution is here to stay, so in the rare event that something goes wrong with your panels, you will receive the support needed for warranty claims.

Long lasting

With a 25 years full product warranty and a 25 years linear performance warranty of 92.5%, LG NeON R panels will last and still perform to a high level in more than two decades.

Compact power

With a cell efficiency of 22.1%, the LG NeON R delivers 435W of power within a 66 cells format, which provides excellent performance even on smaller roofs.

N-type cells

While most solar panels have P-Type cells, LG NeON R panels have N-Type cells. N-type cells degrade at a slower rate while producing more energy in tougher climatic conditions, such as in low irradiance and in high heat. So, compared to a standard panel, LG NeON R gives you more on cloudy days, and on hot summer days.

Suitable for coastal installations

LG NeON R panels can be installed confdently right up to the coastline, thanks to certifications on Salt Mist Corrosion (Maximum Severity 6) and Ammonia Resistance.

Trusted Brand

LG solar panels have won many local and international awards including most recently winning the Most Trusted Brands 2021 Solar Panels award by Readers Digest.

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