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LG’s dedicated battery division is called LG CHEM.

They were founded in 1947 and have grown to be one of the largest manufactures of batteries in the world.

Product Information

LG Chem is a vertically integrated battery manufacturer, with a very strong research and development capability, manufacturing capability and supply chain. Their recently released RESU range of batteries raises the bar in residential battery storage.

LG offers a range of sizes to suit various types of households and to support a variety of inverters, including  SolarEdge. With the ability to mount the batteries outside or inside and a wide operating temperature range, they are ideal for Australia’s challenging conditions.

Power 5 kW
Storage Capacity 9.8kWh
DC Voltage 400V
Compatibility SolarEdge
Depth of discharge 90%
Dimensions H 907mm W 744mm D 206mm
Weight 97 kg
Warranty 10 years