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LG Multi Room Split Air Conditioner

Stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter — and comfortable all year long.

LG split air conditioners come with embedded Wi-Fi control, so that you can adjust and monitor your home temperature directly from your smart phone.

Product Information

Multi room split systems are excellent for heating or cooling two to three bedrooms or one bedroom and a living room. Instead of having multiple outdoor units, a multi room split system connects to one outdoor unit for multiple indoor units, which saves on space outdoor and installation costs.

Auto Cleaning

A built in ioniser and automatic cleaning mode, which keeps the cool dry, help minimise the formation of bacteria and mould in the unit.

Quiet Operation

The night quiet setting can reduce noise levels contributing to a good night’s sleep.

Comfort Settings

Pressure and temperature sensors increase accuracy and stability, with a quick response time in delivering optimum temperatures.

Energy Efficiency

The refrigerant temperature is automatically adjusted according to outside temperature, which can save operation energy.

Mode Lock

The unit can be set to heating or cooling only with the flick of a switch.

Cool Or Heat Several Rooms at Once

A split system can run multiple indoor units at once with the option of a zone controller to personalise comfort.

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