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JET Charge

Founded in 2013, JET Charge is an Australian EV charger manufacturer with more than 100 employees devoted to offering smart, forward-thinking solutions for a low emission transportation sector.

It is important that the integration of EVs is coherent with the Australian energy infrastructure, and so all of JET Charge’s software is developed locally. To offer world-class technologies and products, JET Charge also collaborates with leading stakeholders, such as State Governments and major vehicle manufacturers.

Product Information

The JET Charge ChargeMate is a powerful and smart residential EV Charger, compatible with single phase and three phase homes.

It is an OCPP compliant charger with a slick LCD display and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has variable charge rate and can divert excess solar energy to the EV battery.

Weather Resistant

The ChargeMate can be installed indoor or outdoor, and has been designed to cope with Australia's rigorous weather.

Solar Aware

Divert unused solar energy to your EV.
*Requires additional hardware.

Variable Output

The ChargeMate can charge at up to 7kW on single phase homes and 22kW on 3ph homes.

3 Year Warranty

The ChargeMate comes with a 3 Year full product warranty.

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