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With nearly three decades of experience directly in Europe, Fronius is known for making some of the best inverters in the world.

Their residential inverter models include the single phase Primo and three phase Symo products that combine to provide a comprehensive range of solutions for every situation. All Fronius inverters come with a 10 year warranty (5 years parts and labour + extra 5 years parts only).

Product Information

All Fronius inverters are manufactured in Austria and they are reputed to be some of the most reliable on the market. Using SnapInverter mounting technology, the Primo and Symo models have been used in Australia for more than five years, and they are still known as the best string inverters on the market.

AC power output from 3kW to 20kW
Maximum inverter efficiency 98%
Battery compatibility AC coupled only
Dimensions H 645mm W 431mm D 204mm (Primo models)
Weight 21.5 kg
Warranty 5-year parts and labour + extra 5-year parts only

Legendary reliability

Fronius inverters are made to last. Their sturdiness is second to none.

European made

All Fronius inverters are manufactured in Austria.

Integrated Wireless communication

This inverter easily connects to your Wi-Fi network to provide production data. Keep an eye on your Fronius inverter energy production thanks to their intuitive online portal.

Active cooling

Enjoy better performance for longer with Fronius active cooling. Multiple fans keep the temperature of the Fronius power components low.

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