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Enphase is a pioneer in panel-level optimisation. They were the first to bring microinverters on the market back in 2008. Since then, they have shipped more than 42 million microinverters across the world.

The IQ8 is their 8th generation microinverter. It is a sturdy, smart, and very safe inverter option for your home.

Product Information

One of the main benefits of Enphase microinverters is that they avoid having DC power wiring in your roof and walls. The DC energy from the panels is converted directly under the panels to standard AC power, the same you use for your lights, fridge and any other appliances in your house. This makes them significantly safer than traditional string inverters.

AC power output 325W per microinverter (IQ8M)
Maximum inverter efficiency 97.8%
Battery compatibility AC coupled only
Dimensions H 212mm W 175mm D 30.2mm (without bracket)
Warranty 15-year


Enphase microinverters come with 15 year full product warranty and are dependable, even in Australia's harshest climate conditions.

No Single Point of Failure

Without the need for a central inverter where all panels are connected, Enphase systems can keep on producing energy even if one panel or microinverter stops working.

Engineered in California

And more than 2 million systems deployed around the world.

Online Monitoring

Check your home consumption and system performance on your smartphone. SolarHub can also access your system online for technical support.

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