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SolarHub were appointed in July 2015 to design, supply, and install a 51kW commercial solar PV system for Netball ACT. The two companies were brought together through mutually shared corporate values of sustainability, and community benefits. The system comprises of 196 high quality Trina 260W panels.

Taking just two weeks to install the system, SolarHub worked closely with Netball ACT throughout the process, to ensure the design and installation would be both as environmentally, and financially beneficial as possible. All engineering, solar design, project management and installation was completed by SolarHub’s inhouse experienced engineers and electricians.

The design implemented by SolarHub incorporates tilt frames for the panels on the roof, optimising power production. The system has delivered outstanding results, generating over 82,000 kW hours of power and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 57 tonnes of CO2 within the first twelve months. The Netball ACT installation has exceeded the original performance estimate by 9%. The real world performance since installation has been tracked through SolarHub’s online monitoring platform. These impressive results help create a sustainable solution for Netball ACT, helping reduce their running costs.

SolarHub’s sophisticated monitoring system ensures that the system is performing as expected and should any faults occur they are automatically reported. The ability to have automated reporting is essential to maximising the return on investment for clients and demonstrates that the benefits of the system are realised.

Since installation, SolarHub have worked closely with Netball ACT, becoming their official naming sponsor and re-naming the centre as the SolarHub ACT Netball Centre. This sponsorship has allowed both companies to work together on their shared corporate values of sustainability, energy consumption awareness, and community benefits. This includes the possibility of adding new technologies to the system such as energy storage to provide additional benefits in the future. Energy Storage technology is continuing to develop rapidly, with several options already available in the market place for both commercial and residential installations.

“Going solar was not a difficult decision as it delivered on both outcomes, it made us more environmentally responsible while providing a significant return on investment which in turn allows us to put more resources into our core business, delivering quality netball programs to the community. Netball ACT’s experience with SolarHub was fantastic from the very first minute through to the ongoing service. SolarHub provided a variety of system options, assist with finance and delivered the project on time and on budget. Every interaction from the Director to the installer was positive and the savings we are making is exceeding our expectations.

Being a locally based company, you get a strong sense that they understand our needs and they are connected to the Canberra community. Most importantly, the cost savings of installing a solar system speaks for themselves.”

—Adam Horne, General Manager Netball ACT

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