Miss Jordan’s garden

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Miss Jordan’s Garden was built in 2018 at St Michael’s Primary School in memory of Jordan Taylor, a seven-year-old girl, she was in grade 3 at the school when she passed away suddenly due to a cancerous Grade 4 Medulloblastoma tumour that had bled onto her brain.

While this is a truly tragic story to all those who knew her, the family decided that it could not be the end. Jordan cared about others, and through the Energy Warriors at school she started to understand the (environmental) damage being done to the earth.

Miss Jordan’s Garden is the result, following on from the family gathering support from friends, and the business community to build a sustainable garden in memory of Jordan at her school that would teach the kids of tomorrow how to care for their world. Created with the intention to educate young minds about making the world a better place through practical methods, the garden is energy efficient, will grow nutritious food all year round, and provides curriculum opportunities for students to learn.

SolarHub donated a 3.2kW solar PV system to this project, compromising of 12 Jinko 270W panels and a SolarEdge SE3000H inverter. This system will enable the garden to generate some of its own energy for years to come, and through monitoring, will offer the students a way to observe and learn about their production and consumption habits.

SolarHub are honoured to have been able to donate their time and a solar PV system to Miss Jordan’s Garden, helping contribute to this wonderful project.

“We knew we wanted to have solar at the school to help the children understand the importance of renewable energy and how it works, and then we were able to make contact with SolarHub. It was from this moment that we knew we were in good hands. From the first meeting, through to the installation of the panels SolarHub were the most amazing company we were lucky to have help us. The guys from SolarHub did the design, arranged the paperwork, set up the installation and performed the work. They were always on-time, reliable, worked safely and even cleaned up after themselves. They know we wanted each student to be able to monitor the energy production and monitoring, this was all delivered on time and without any fuss.

We are so grateful to the SolarHub workers for everything that they have done to make Miss Jordan’s Garden a reality, we are truly and forever in your debt. We have been, and I assume will continue to doing it tough, but with the help of people like the guys from SolarHub we think that we can make this world a little better place. And that is all we want to remember our beautiful little girl. Thank you to all the guys from SolarHub, without your effort and assistance this may not have taken place.”

—Mia Taylor, 2018

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