Merici College solar installation

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In early 2019, SolarHub completed an installation of a 93.22kW solar PV system at Merici College, Braddon. The system comprises of 236 LG 395W panels, and a SolarEdge 82.8kW Synergy inverter.

Franck Nunes, SolarHub’s Commercial Manager handed the system over on April 9th to the sustainability students of Merici College. He demonstrated the school’s monitoring platform and system components to the students.

“It has been an honour and a pleasure to collaborate with Merici College on this project.

Their drive to not only reduce their electricity bills but also to make a lasting and substantial effort in reducing their carbon footprint, to impact young minds and educate them on the benefits of renewable and sustainable energy solutions for the future, is truly remarkable.” said Franck Nunes, Commercial Manager.

The solar PV installation is expected to produce 141,017.67kW in the first year, saving approximately 87 tonnes of C02 and offsetting approximately 18% of the school’s current consumption. The solar installation will help the school make a positive environmental impact and serve as a teaching method for future students.

“Since the system became operational about 5 weeks ago, 7 tonnes of CO2 have been saved.  This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions from charging 892 586 mobile phones! Or growing 116 tree seedlings for 10 years!

It would be great to acquire more solar panels and a battery to store our weekend energy production!” a Merici College representative said.

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