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Solar STCs zones for Melbourne

Each STC zones represent the amount of solar irradiation for a specific geographical zone.

The further North your location in Australia, the more energy your solar panels produce, and the more STCs you receive for your system.

All solar installations in Melbourne are in zone 4.

STCs discount for solar power in Melbourne

The amount of STCs created from a solar power system will be based on three factors:

  1. The total size of the system in kW;
  2. The rating of the solar zone where the panels are installed;
  3. The number of years the solar system will be producing for, before the scheme is phased out in 2030.

Every quote we produce will have detailed information on the amount of STC’s you are eligible for, and on the process of trading them. Here is a table of potential rebates you could take advantage of:

STC’s rebate for solar panels installation on the South Coast of NSW (Zone 4, Melbourne)

System size Amount of STC’s STC’s price Rebate
3.33kW 35 $36 $1,260
6.66kW 71 $36 $2,556
9.99kW 106 $36 $3,816

Indicative rebate based on a 2022 installation and $36 STC price

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How to claim STC's on your installation

  1. Request a quote for solar panels and/or hot water heat pump
  2. One of our consultants will visit you to discuss your needs and gather information to produce a quote
  3. The STCs value will be presented in your quote, as well as your options for trading or surrending them
  4. If you accept the quote, we will offer you an upfront discount for your STCs and take care of claiming them for you

Speak with a solar expert

Arrange a time to discuss your options with one of our solar specialists. They will be able to design a system that best suits your needs.

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