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Power to the South Coast

Many New South Wales and South Coast residents are exploring solar and batteries for their home and business.

With the recent increase in energy prices and the Solar Bonus Scheme that has come to an end, now is an excellent moment to invest in solar power.

SolarHub has years of knowledge and experience in customising systems for rural areas. With shopfronts in Batemans Bay, Bega, and Canberra, we truly understand the rules and regulations that are required to get you connected and generating solar power.

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Solar incentives in South Coast NSW

Making your home sustainable with solar and battery is now easier and more accessible.

Other than the Australia-wide Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, local governmental initiatives have been put in place to support renewable energy solar power in NSW.

This includes the Smart Distributed Batteries project, an innovative virtual power plant project supported by the NSW Government.

Discounts and Rebates

The following programs offer point-of-sale discounts to facilitate the access to solar energy and battery storage on the South Coast of New South Wales.

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Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Through the Federal Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, STC’s are created after the installation of solar panels and hot water heat pumps.

Every quote we produce has detailed information on the amount of STC’s your system creates, and on the process of trading them for an upfront discount.

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Smart Distributed Batteries Project

Receive a $4,950 discount on a Tesla Powerwall 2 installation and contribute to grid stability with clean energy.

This program is supported by funding from the NSW Government under the Emerging Energy Program.

Through this project, SolarHub is building a 6MW Virtual Power Plant to support the electricity network in periods of high demand with a mesh system of residential batteries.

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Interest-free Loans

0% interest payment plans allow NSW South Coast homeowners to improve their home without the need to deploy a lot of upfront capital.

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ActewAGL Appliance Payment Plan

The Appliance Payment Plan offers interest-free loans for appliances such as air conditioners and electric vehicle chargers, amongst others.

To be eligible, customers must remain active ActewAGL Energy Customer throughout the loan period and own their property.

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Speak with a solar expert

Arrange a time to discuss your options with one of our solar specialists. They will be able to design a system that best suits your needs.

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