Residential home in Melbourne with solar panels installed

Power to Victoria

Directly from Thomastown, SolarHub has been providing solar power to Melbourne home and business owners for more than five years now.

Our solar and battery products were selected with the city’s harsh climate conditions in mind.

Working with manufacturers such as Fronius, SolarEdge, and Q Cells, we design and install systems that stand the test of time.

Commercial property in Melbourne with solar panels installed

Solar Incentives in Melbourne

Thanks to Federal and States programs, installing solar and batteries in Melbourne is now more accessible.

Other than the Australia-wide Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, local initiatives have been put in place to support renewable energy solar power in Melbourne.

This includes upfront rebates for both solar and battery installations, as well as an interest-free loan program for solar PV installations.

Discounts and Rebates

The following programs offer point-of-sale discounts to facilitate the access to solar energy, battery storage, and other appliances in Victoria.

Solar panel installation in Melbourne

Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Through the Federal Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, STC’s are created after the installation of solar panels.

Every quote we produce has detailed information on the amount of STC’s your system creates, and on the process of trading them for an upfront discount.

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Solar panel installed on Melbourne home

Solar Victoria Solar panel (PV) rebate

Receive a $1,400 rebate on your solar PV system installation thanks to this initiative from the Victoria State Government.

SolarHub can guide you on choosing an optimal system for your home, and help you easily access this government rebate.

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EV charger installed in Melbourne home

Solar Victoria Solar battery rebate

Eligible Victorian homeowners can receive a discount of up to $2,950 on a solar battery installation with this initiative.

A battery can significantly reduce your dependence from the grid, as well as protecting your home from blackouts.

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