Melbourne weather changes drastically, experiencing anything from sleet to extreme heat in a single afternoon. This means the equipment we use for your SolarHub solar system must deal with these varying weather conditions. With an office in the area, we have the expertise, experience and local understanding to customise the best solution for your needs.

Financial incentives and rebates in Melbourne

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and Small-Scale Technology Certificates

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme provides a financial incentive for the installation of small-scale renewable energy system, such as solar panels. It does so through the creation of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s), which is a commodity that can be sold or bought on the open STC market. Like the stock market, prices of STC’s constantly vary depending on factors such as supply and demand.

SolarHub offer STC’s as an upfront discount to the total price of a solar system.

The amount of STC’s created from a solar power system will be based on three factors:

  1. The total size of the system in kW;
  2. The rating of the solar zone where the panels are installed (Melbourne is in Zone 4);
  3. The number of years the solar system will be producing for, before the scheme is phased out.

Every quote we produce will have detailed information on the amount of STC’s you are eligible for, and on the process of trading them. Here is a table of potential rebates you could take advantage of:

STC’s rebate for Melbourne (Zone 4)

System size Amount of STC’s STC’s price Rebate
3.33kW 35 $36 $1,260
6.66kW 71 $36 $2,556
9.99kW 106 $36 $3,816

Indicative rebate based on a 2022 installation and $36 STC price

Victorian Government incentives and rebates

The Victorian Government offers a rebate up to the value of $1,888 for solar panel installation for homeowners and rental properties. To further reduce installation costs, householders can apply for an interest-free loan. The Government is also piloting a battery rebate scheme and offering rebates of up to $4,838 for a solar battery system. Visit their website to find out if you are eligible.

SolarHub meet and exceed all eligibility requirements for this program. Indeed,  SolarHub is not only using Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved products and installers, but we also are a CEC approved retailer.

How to get the most out of my system

To make sure you get the most out of your system, it is important you’re signed up to the right retail plan to maximise the payback on your solar credits.

We also work closely with Reposit power, an energy management company that helps you control your own energy to maximise financial and environmental benefits.


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