With so many days of clear blue skies, Canberra is often considered one of the best capital cities in Australia for solar. It exceeds both Melbourne and Sydney in average sun hours and is home to some of the most ambitious energy targets in Australia.

Having started our business in Mitchell, SolarHub is proudly Canberran. As experts in the area, we’ve installed more than 10,000 solar systems in our city and more solar batteries than anyone else under the Next Generation Energy Storage Program.

As the longest standing company in the area, we know and understand the local climate and have built a solid base of local suppliers and partners.

Rebates and incentives for solar power and batteries in Canberra

The ACT has the most ambitious renewable energy target within Australia, having already reached their 100% renewable energy target. Other than the Australia-wide Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, local governmental initiatives have been put in place to reach these targets, including a very popular residential energy storage roll-out known as the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Program (NextGen), and a program for low income households.

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and Small-Scale Technology Certificates

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme provides a financial incentive for the installation of small-scale renewable energy system, such as solar panels. It does so through the creation of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s), which is a commodity that can be sold or bought on the open STC market. Like the stock market, prices of STC’s constantly vary depending on factors such as supply and demand.

SolarHub offer STC’s as an upfront discount to the total price of a solar system.

The amount of STC’s created from a solar power system will be based on three factors:

  1. The total size of the system in kW;
  2. The rating of the solar zone where the panels are installed (Canberra is in Zone 3);
  3. The number of years the solar system will be producing for, before the scheme is phased out.

Every quote we produce will have detailed information on the amount of STC’s you are eligible for, and on the process of trading them. Here is a table of potential rebates you could take advantage of:

STC’s rebate for Canberra (Zone 3)

System size Amount of STC’s STC’s price Rebate
3.33kW 46 $36 $1,656
6.66kW 92 $36 $3,312
9.99kW 138 $36 $4,968

Indicative rebate based on a 2021 installation and $36 STC price

ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Program

If you are a resident of the ACT, you may be eligible for discounted energy storage systems through the ACT government Next Generation Energy Storage Program (NextGen).

Under this program, the ACT Government is supporting up  to 5,000 battery storage systems in ACT homes and businesses. SolarHub was chosen as one of the battery provider by the ACT Government after a competitive selection process.

The current rebate is $825 per kilowatt of sustained output (+GST), up to a maximum of 30 kW. Depending on battery size, you could reap important financial benefits from the NextGen Rebate:

Next Gen rebate in Canberra

Battery sustained output Rebate
4kW $3,630
5kW $4,537
10kW $9,075

Indicative rebate based on Round 5 of the ACT NextGen program

How to get the most out my system

By understanding your energy habits, you can adapt and use your energy when most financially beneficial to you. We offer energy management technology from another local Canberra company, Reposit, that will assist you to maximise the use of your system.

You should also ensure that you’re signed up to the right retail plan to maximise the payback on your solar credits. Our experienced consultants can help you find the best plan for your particular circumstances.

Should I install a battery on my solar PV system in Canberra?

Besides saving excess solar energy to use later, and taking advantage of the NextGen Rebate, a SolarHub smart battery enables ACT residents to connect to our Virtual Power Plant (VPP). This means you can sell your stored energy back to the grid when support services are required, providing more grid stability, and greater financial benefits.




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