induction cooktops

How induction cooktops work

A standard cooktop produces heat and transfer it to a cookware. Because of this, the cooktop remains hot during and after cooking.

An induction cooktop cuts the middleman and directly heat the cookware through an electromagnetic field.

Like rubbing your hands to warm them, the electromagnetic field creates friction and heat within the cookware.

smeg induction cooktop

Faster heat, safer kitchen

Water boils about twice as fast on an induction cooktop.

And because the cooktop only heats the cookware, the surface of the cooktop remains relatively cool.

It does not have an open flame, and it cannot burn objects like dishcloths because it only heats items with iron particles in it.

smeg cooktop

Cooking clean

Induction cooktops are very efficient, transferring up to 90% of the energy used to the food you are cooking.

Your kitchen becomes more energy efficient with an induction cooktop, especially when switching from gas to electricity.

And because induction cooktops don’t heat up, the spills do not get burned on their surface, which makes them easy to clean.

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