How to read a smart meter

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Reading a smart meter is a straightforward process that provides real-time information about your energy usage. Smart meters usually have a digital display that cycles through various screens to show different pieces of information. Here is a general guide on how to read a smart meter:

Step 1: Identify the Display:

  1. Locate the smart meter’s display. This is often a digital screen that shows various pieces of information.

Step 2: Access the Information:

  1. Press any buttons on the meter to wake up the display. Some meters may have a button specifically for cycling through screens.

Step 3: Check the Meter Reading:

  1. The primary screen typically displays your current energy usage. Look for a numerical value followed by units like kWh (kilowatt-hours), which represent the amount of energy consumed.

Step 4: Cycle Through Screens:

  1. Many smart meters have multiple screens that provide different details. Press the button to cycle through screens, and look for information such as:

Total Consumption: Displays the total energy consumption since the meter was installed or last reset.

Tariff Information: If you are on different energy tariffs (day and night rates, for example), there may be screens showing current rates or total usage for each tariff.

Cost Information: Some smart meters display the cost of energy usage in addition to kilowatt-hour readings.

Step 5: Understand Units and Values:

  1. kWh (Kilowatt-Hours): This is the standard unit for measuring electricity consumption.
  2. kW (Kilowatts): Represents your current power demand. It may fluctuate based on your energy usage at any given moment.

Step 6: Monitor Trends:

  1. Some smart meters provide graphical displays or historical data that show your energy usage trends over specific periods. Explore the different screens to access this information.

Step 7: Reading Gas Meters (If Applicable):

  1. If your smart meter also measures gas usage, it will have separate screens for gas readings. Follow the same steps to access and interpret the gas consumption information.


Not all smart meters have the same features or display information in the same way. Consult the user manual for your specific smart meter model for detailed instructions.

Some smart meters may also have features accessible through a mobile app or an online portal. Check with your utility provider for information on accessing additional features.

Understanding how to read your smart meter allows you to track your energy usage, identify trends, and make informed decisions about managing your electricity consumption. If you have any questions or encounter issues, contact your utility provider for assistance.

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