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How energy optimisation works

Energy Optimisation technologies can monitor your system and intelligently control how your power is used.

This can then help you learn about your usage patterns and control what appliances are used, and at what time.

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Making your home smarter

Through energy optimisation you can become more energy independent, by becoming aware of your energy needs and habits, and making well informed energy usage decisions.

Some of your appliances can be quite energy demanding, and diverting power from your solar panels directly to those appliances will help you reduce your bills and your reliance to the grid.

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Benefits of a smart home

By learning and understanding your habits you can adapt and use energy more effectively.

This could in-turn help you reduce your electricity bills, have less of a reliance on the grid and help you become more energy independent.

We offer several solutions to make your home smart including the reposit controller and some other smart controllers for your appliances and electric vehicle.

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