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How battery storage works

  1. The sun’s radiation is captured through photovoltaic solar cells and transformed into DC electricity, the inverter then converts it to useable AC electricity
  2. Excess energy is fed into battery storage, which can be used during the night, bad weather or periods of high usage
  3. If the grid goes down, the battery can continue to provide energy, in certain conditions
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A battery that saves more than energy

A solar battery makes financial sense—especially when you couple it with energy management systems such as Reposit.

This useful innovation will help you understand your energy habits so that you can manage your energy better. Furthermore, Reposit will offer the opportunity of selling your power back to the grid during peak demand periods, which will help you to get the best financial return possible on your battery.

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A perfect fit for a retro fit

You don’t need a new system to benefit from battery storage.

You may need to add a few panels to effectively power the battery, but as long as you have a large enough system, we can connect it to a battery for you.

Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to look at your current setup and advise accordingly.

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Backup when you need it

When the grid goes off, your solar system will also shut down.

But we can add back-up power to your system so that you can select a few items to be powered by your battery if the grid goes down.

So even if there’s a power outage in your neighbourhood, you won’t be left in the dark.

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Government incentives for battery storage

Battery storage helps stabilise the grid while contributing to a better integration of renewables in Australia’s energy mix.

Some State Governments offer point of sale discounts on battery storage:

Battery Storage Products

We have spent a long time in the business—and have taken that time to navigate the best brands and companies to work with. The products we offer are the best in the industry and are all trusted and tested.

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