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More money in your pocket from day one

Most installations under the Sustainable Household Scheme will be a cash-flow positive investment.

This means that your renewable energy system saves you more than its fortnightly repayments, providing you with extra money in your pocket right after your installation is completed.

So, thanks to the Scheme, there is no need to break the bank if you want to improve your home in a sustainable way. Installing solar panels and/or energy storage has never been so easy and affordable!

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How to apply

If you have not done so already, the first step is to register your interest on the Actsmart Sustainable Household Scheme webpage.

Furthermore, you may be considered for the pilot phase if you sign up to and attend a workshop from Actsmart.

We also invite you to register your interest directly with SolarHub, as we can provide you with more information on the Scheme, and design a tailored system for you. Once the Scheme is made available to all eligible households, we would be in touch again.

Be informed when the Scheme is made available

Discuss your energy needs with one of our consultants now and be notified once the Scheme is made available to eligible households.

Register your interest

Who will be eligible?

The main eligibility criteria are as follow:

  • The Scheme participant must own the property.
  • The property must be a standalone residence, or a unit titled property.
  • The Unimproved Value (UV) of the property in 2020-21 must be below $750,000 for non-unit titled dwellings and stand-alone unit titled dwellings based on the unit entitlement percentage. A UV of $200,000 applies to unit titled multi-storey apartments. Your UV can be found on your rates notice or using the following website.

For more information on eligibility criteria and on the program, please consult the Scheme guideline.

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A pilot for the Scheme is being conducted now

The ACT Government announced that the Scheme will be open to all eligible ACT Households in the coming months.

We recommend you register your interest and request a quote now from SolarHub so that we can conduct a site inspection and design a system for you. Once you are notified by the ACT Government that you are eligible for the Scheme get in touch again, and with the information we already gathered about your household and energy needs, we can quickly and easily progress your installation.

Alternatively, once the Scheme is made available to all eligible households, we would be in touch again with you.

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A long-term partner for your long-term loan

SolarHub has the capacity and know-how to support you throughout your 10 years loan period.

With a decade of experience and more than 10,000 customers in the region, it is hard to find a solar business with such an established presence in the ACT.

SolarHub is a safe option for your Sustainable Household Scheme investment. We have been around for a long time, and we are not going anywhere.

ACT Sustainable Household Scheme Expression of Interest

Please fill out your details below and one of our renewable energy consultants will get in touch with you to provide more information about the Scheme, schedule an obligation free consultation on site, and prepare a formal quote for you.

We will also contact you again once the Scheme is made available to all eligible homeowners.

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