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1,800 systems and counting

Under the Next Gen Energy Storage Program, SolarHub has installed the most battery systems of all eligible retailers in the ACT.

We offer unparalleled expertise when it comes to sizing and installing battery systems, as well as an important workforce to make sure these batteries will be looked after throughout their long lifespan.

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Help yourself, help the grid

Combine your solar system with battery storage to use more of your own solar production, and to protect your home from blackouts.

Having a battery can also provide clean energy to the electricity network when it is needed most.

With a battery, you can do well by doing good, and help Australia move towards 100% renewable energy.

EV charger installed in Melbourne home

How to take advantage of the Next Gen Rebate

  1. Request a quote for a battery. You can retrofit a battery to an existing solar system or purchase solar and battery at the same time.
  2. Our consultant will visit you to assess your energy profile and prepare a tailored quote.
  3. You will receive a quote within a few days, including the Next Gen Rebate.
  4. If you accept the quote, you pay the price after Rebate as we take care of claiming it for you.

Speak with a solar expert

Arrange a time to discuss your options with one of our solar specialists. They will be able to design a system that best suits your needs.

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